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Waltor Ltd. has been on the market since 2012. It is the first and the only company,with its headquarters in Slovakia, owned by our partners from Saudi Arabia. Waltor Ltd. is engaged in commercial activity focusing on the export and import of goods in metallurgical, energy, and petrochemical industry. It is also very active in construction mostly aimed at the implementation of industrial buildings. Thanks to our Saudi partners, Waltor knows the market of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, and provides consulting services for the companies which are willing to expand their business activities in this part of the world.



Waltor 's construction division mostly focuses on:



The trade division of Waltor SBT is aimed at export an import of boilers, metal-working centres, refractory materials, technological units for energy, metallurgical, and petrochemical industry



- WALTOR Ltd. provides consultations to companies or individuals, who wish to expand their business activities in the Arabian Peninsula and North Africa.

- WALTOR Ltd. offers consultations for companies, which are interested in being registered as provider of service and goods for ARAMCO from Saudi Arabia, the biggest oil company in the world.

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